Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby, a beloved comedian and sitcom star, has been accused by 19 women for sexual assault. Cosby has denied these charges and his lawyer has stated that the accusations are “utterly preposterous” and “plainly bizarre”. These rumors and accusations have been floating around for years. However, it was not until Comedian Hannibal Buress joked about Bill Cosby’s rape allegations that the rumor went viral.

“It was unexpected,” Buress said in response to the attention his joke received. “It wasn’t my intention to make it part of a big discussion.”

I think it is peculiar that it only took Buress’ comedy bit to get the media to seriously scrutinize Cosby’s charges. The women who have stepped forward refer to sexual assault occurrences that happened 30-40 years ago. They claim that no one would believe their stories. So why is the public believing them now?

I think the main reason is that the media did not cover sexual assault charges as much back then. Today, it is more common to hear about these kinds of sex scandals. Cosby has been denying that these rumors are true. Even if they are not, his reputation is tainted and will never be the same.


Michael Brown

The shooting of Micheal Brown occurred on August 9, 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri. Brown was an 18 year-old black teen and was unarmed when police officer, Darren Wilson, shot him multiple times. Brown and his friend, Dorian, were walking in the middle of the road when Wilson told the teens to move to the sidewalk. After Brown’s refusal to do so, a struggle occurred between Brown and Wilson through the window of the police vehicle. The two boys ran off in two different directions and Wilson pursued in search of Brown. Wilson fatally shot Brown six times.

For three months, a St. Louis County grand jury has been debating whether police officer Wilson should be indicted for the murder of Micheal Brown. Riots have occurred in the streets of Ferguson, both peaceful and violent, as a result for the killing and the ongoing case. The family of Michael Brown have plead to the citizens of the town for peaceful riots. Michael Brown Sr. said in an interview that violence would be a dishonor to his son’s memory. The grand jury is to decide if Wilson will be indicted on Monday, November 24.

Crisis Communication

Jennifer A. Jones, a social media marketing leader and blogger, recently published a piece discussing Franklin D. Roosevelt’s crisis communication tactics during the Great Depression. He used six steps of effective and personal communication to reach his audience, to reach his country, to talk to his friends. He addressed his distressed country directly and with pure honesty. His people connected to him on a personal level and only then change began to occur. FDR reached the heart and fear of Americans. He was able to grasp onto that fear and comforted his people when they needed a spark of hope to hold on to. Roosevelt gave people reason to believe that their hardships would lessen, and, as a result, they gave him their trust. People slowly trusted the banking system again so that the county could rebuild itself and become a strong, united nation once again.

An individual or organization would benefit from FDR’s six steps of good crisis communications. Let us apply the power of good communication to the situation of marriage. Say your partner and yourself have different views about a subject. Naturally, this causes unspoken tension. The first step is to approach your partner and open up the conversation; get their undivided attention. Maybe even have a set time of the week to sit down with your significant other to talk about anything that is bothering you. People looked forward to FDR’s fireside chats because the one on one attention gave them hope and created faith. Two people within a marriage need to have faith in each other as well.

The second step is to be honest. Honesty and truth are the foundation of any relationship, in every aspect of life. Tell your partner what is bothering you, what went wrong and how they can help you. Next, hear each other’s points of view and make a plan; make a plan to take smalls steps in order for circumstances to become better. Finally, follow up the conversation and discuss how these small changes are working for both your happiness and your partner’s well-being.

FDR’s communication techniques work just as well when practiced between two individuals. People need to hear the truth, especially in times of hardship. According to FDR, when people discover that they can put their trust in others and have faith, “the phantom of fear will soon be laid.”