Michael Brown

The shooting of Micheal Brown occurred on August 9, 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri. Brown was an 18 year-old black teen and was unarmed when police officer, Darren Wilson, shot him multiple times. Brown and his friend, Dorian, were walking in the middle of the road when Wilson told the teens to move to the sidewalk. After Brown’s refusal to do so, a struggle occurred between Brown and Wilson through the window of the police vehicle. The two boys ran off in two different directions and Wilson pursued in search of Brown. Wilson fatally shot Brown six times.

For three months, a St. Louis County grand jury has been debating whether police officer Wilson should be indicted for the murder of Micheal Brown. Riots have occurred in the streets of Ferguson, both peaceful and violent, as a result for the killing and the ongoing case. The family of Michael Brown have plead to the citizens of the town for peaceful riots. Michael Brown Sr. said in an interview that violence would be a dishonor to his son’s memory. The grand jury is to decide if Wilson will be indicted on Monday, November 24.




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  1. The verdict has since been released and Wilson will not be indicted. This has caused even more violent protests, rioting, and looting. I feel a lot of sympathy for Brown’s parents because now they must grieve their son’s loss and the injustice surrounding it. In addition to that they probably feel immense guilt regarding the destruction of their city and that makes their loss even more painful and long lasting. It’s truly a shame that the violence is overshadowing the murder of Michael Brown, as well as the peaceful protests that many media outlets overlook.


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